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Swim Team: Abington Alligators!

Registration for 2024 is OPEN!

We are known as the Abington Alligators. We compete against four other swim clubs in the High Point Community Swim Association with as many as 700 swimmers each season. As a committee to the Abington Swim Club, our team works with a Board appointed liaison for any administrative and organizational functions. Our practices are directed by our coach(s), coach liaison, and coach assistants. Our parents play an instrumental role in the success of our team and the swimmers experiences. (See family commitment question below). The goal of the Abington Alligators Swim Team is to provide a positive summer experience for the team members and their families. The team is meant to improve aquatic skills, promote good sportsmanship, a positive sense of community and of course have FUN!



Who can join the swim team?

Any child (4-18) whose guardian or parent is a member in good standing and holds a family membership at Abington Swim Club and can successfully propel themselves unassisted at least one length of the pool. Your swimmer must be in good health and capable of following directions

Will my child swim with children of the same age?

Swimmers compete and practice based on their age groups. Their age is determined by their age as of June 1st of the competition year:​

  • 8 and under = can or will learn to swim 25 meter length in at least one stroke

  • Ages 9/10 11/12 13/14 and 15-18 = can or will learn to swim 50 meter individual events and individual 100 meter medley.

When are practices?

We encourage you to participate in as many practices as possible. Practices are not supervised by Abington Swim Club lifeguards. (See Liability Waver section on registration form). Any practice changes and additional details will be communicated via e-mail, remind 101 text and at times verbally from coaches, coach liaison, or team representative. Refer to team calendar for additional details (subject to modifications and confirmation).

What will my child need for practice and meets?

Swim Suits

  • Girls: One-piece swim suit. Stomach MUST be covered

  • Boys: Fitted swim trunks or jammers

For team uniformity and ease of identification PLEASE consider purchasing the following suits:


Although you do not have to purchase them from swim outlet, they have a proven track record with accuracy, quality and pricing from them. If you are unable to get these specific suits, please consider all black suit. Girls must have one-piece with stomach covered and boys must be fitted swim trunks or jammers.


There are many different goggles on the market. Simply put, your goggles must pass the “These goggles don’t hurt my face when I wear them for longer than 4 minutes!” Goggles are supposed to be comfortable but more on the snug side, particularly how the ocular part fits on your eye socket (this is what will ensure a proper seal). Eyelashes should not touch the inside of the goggle. The goggle straps should feel tight around the head. Most goggles come with a double strap so that you might be able to place one strap slightly higher than the other to keep them in place. Both straps should be at the level of the eye or above, never below. I HIGHLY recommend replacing the straps with a swim bungee. It is much easier to ensure a tight fit and can easily be adjusted. A quick google search for “swim bungee strap” will yield many to choose from.


During meets and practice, your swimmer may need more than one swim towel. Please make sure yours is easily identifiable as many get mixed with others, especially during meets.

Swim Cap

Swim caps are not mandatory but strongly encouraged. During meets caps with (team logo or name, manufacturers logo, swimmers name, American flag only or cap with no logo, trademark or name) only are allowed. One team swim cap will be provided as a part of your registration. There are many different ways to put on a swim cap. Especially if this is your first time, please seek out a team captain, coach or veteran parent to help. It should be a painless and even a fun step to prepare to swim with our team mates.

Spirit Wear 

Parents, family, friends and fans!  Here is your opportunity to purchase your 2024 team spirit wear. Click the "Shop" button  below to place your order. 

For questions about swim team:



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